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Spring 2024 - Responsa Class

Spring 2024 - Responsa Class
Join Rabbi Brazner for another round of one-off classes on Reform Movement Responsa. The Reform Movement‘s rabbinic Responsa Committee provides answers to questions that are submitted concerning contemporary issues in Jewish life and living, applying Jewish scholarship and tradition to modern inquiries. The Responsa Committee has tackled topics ranging from nuclear proliferation to abortion rights; the issues are broad and can spark fierce debate! Join us for one or all of these sessions:


Tuesday, March 5: Rabbinical Candidates with Non-Jewish Partners
Tuesday, March 19: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and the Status of the Embryo
Tuesday, March 26: On Divorce, the Get and Dissolution of Marriage

Where: TTCBJ Library

Tue, February 27 2024 18 Adar I 5784